Would you like some retro-styled slotting session having almost all features of some brand-new and modern machine? Then, you’ve come to the right place because Net Entertainment continue enhancing their vintage line-up with really amazing entries offering a completely unprecedented mixture of elements – on the whole, games appear to be a straightforward attempt on reincarnating thirty-year old slots while gameplay makes an impression of a contemporary, up-to-date, featurised gaming department filled with great bonuses and additional elements blowing your mind. One of the examples about such an approach is http://slotmine.com/joker-pro-slot/ – a branded machine released originally to cater to Mr. Smith Casino’s gamblers, yet nowadays the game has become popular outside the online walls of this venue. Joker Pro will submerge casino players into a fast-moving and colourful atmosphere of old-time Vegas lights along wild disco nights.

Joker Pro takes after 70’s bare machines powered with a shred of seasoning in the form of forward-thinking animation and incredibly modernistic graphics, so apparently the slot game has only one thing in common with traditional machines – this is theme. The video engine used for the picture is NetEnt’s latest platform which you can see in every game released after 2016, thus the whole gaming arrangement leaves juicy feelings about action happening on screens. Jumping back in time, Joker Pro transfers players in the disco era where a decent part of designing is devoted to characteristic soundtrack and conveying the right genre. The reels are going to spin on the vivid background full of catchy purple shades while upbeat melody is adding immense authenticity of this dance period, so that it’s difficult not to embrace the overwhelming spirit of fancy dancefloors crammed with cheerful ravers ready to have a good time. Nevertheless, NetEnt held on to a classic style of design, so nothing out-of-place or excessively inappropriate was included to cover the period properly.

Joker Pro slots game is a simple-looking machine incorporating a five by three grid featuring just ten paylines which is probably an extra message to retro-slot fans out there. Anyway, is there good old machine offering a progressive jackpot layout? Well, hardly could anyone bump into that kind, that’s why NetEnt keep it on a standard flow despite the machine having a couple of extra bonus features like re-spins and Wildcards to handle a substitution job. Speaking of interface, the same habitual range of functions is provided that are quite distinctive to all NetEnt’s new-wave games. Generally, if you have already met some their products, there will be no surprise in how a control panel look or how a paytable window looks like. Symbols aren’t unconventional at all since Joker Pro is a clear follower of bygone slots. Overall, the game is worth some attention, so why not dive a little deeper into the pond to find out what Joker Pro really offers.

Interesting features

It goes without saying that classic machines are known with regard to their diversity. In other words, slot features for traditionals are cut to the minimum, so that players could enjoy bare basics without anything interesting in particular. Joker Pro slot machine is an exclusive case in this infamous array of primitiveness as here you will encounter not only improved audio, advanced graphics and remarkable structure, but also better feature variety, yet introduced in a limited quantity – these are Scatters and Wilds which render the gameplay more flexible to additional rewarding. But NetEnt isn’t NetEnt if no interesting peculiarities would be embedded into seemingly fundamental gameplay elements. Basically, each bonus symbol has a special purpose aside from essential delivery.

Showing off with creative chops, NetEnt came up with a brilliant idea about bonus implementation – traditional free spins or combination replacing might appear a bit boring to experienced gamblers, so the bonusing process has to stand out over common patterns offering something spicy. A refreshing take involves Scatter symbols with two parts of responsibilities – Hot Spot Win and technically endless free re-spins stopping when you get to the highest combination of regular symbols. Joker Pro isn’t afraid of making gambling an out-of-line question, and the features definitely can fuss a confusion over what is actually going on. To begin with, the bonus becomes open when the reels house at least one Scatter icon which is, obviously, an image of a joker hat. Right after that, the whole action takes place in a new reel system where the first and the last reels are transformed into overlaying 

Unfortunately, the base game is about spinning in the reels in a traditional method with no features popping out within. But as soon as you trap a joker hat, get prepared for astounding Wild-powered rounds able to fetch you as much as x1000 to your current bet. All Wildcards (flaming logo) can appear strictly on middle positions of reels 2, 3 and 4 whereas the rest of reels are already an overlain place for these symbols. Cutting to the case, Joker Pro slot’s bonus game is based upon re-triggering which occurs only when another Wildcard falls onto the prescribed position. Scatters take over Wilds temporarily, and you have to re-trigger the reels by catching Wilds in the burning spots. As long as no Wilds are seen after a re-spin, the bonus game stops and all winnings are added to your pot.

Joker Pro slots have claimed to provide a low to mid variance meaning the base game is capable of giving handsome prizes outside of bonus action. Nonetheless, it seems more that the machine still runs in progressive-like patterns, so nothing extremely valuable could be won during ordinary spinning that indicates troubles for low-rollers with a limited budget. Bonus rounds might carry real money, but sometimes it leaves a lot to be desired especially when you invest large sums, and this ends up in no considerable expulsion of rewards. So, you do need to think twice before rolling into Joker Pro because some fruitless spins will definitely be a part of the gaming process on your way to big cash.

Bonus rounds

In spite of possessing quite moderate in wins paytable, Joker Pro catches up with great sums in bonus rounds where stakes get to soar up in the money skies. The possibilities to receive something tasty from free games aren’t exaggerated and it’s actually simple to return to the base game with a lavish sum in your pocket. The bonus game is structured in a unite cooperation of two additional elements – Wildcards and Scatters turning into Wilds only during the bonusing. Besides, this free spins can finish very quickly provided three joker hats hit the central reel in a single shot – in this case x1000 is a guaranteed multiplication applied to your bet in the blink of an eye. Anyway, the bonus pattern works in the following manner:

First of all, one or more Scatters have to appear on the reels 2, 3 or 4 during regular spinning for Joker Pro Re-Spins to be activated.
Note that forthcoming spins are going to be played at the same wager settings used for a trigger-spin and there’s no way to make amends when you stand on a path of bonus rounds.
The 1st and 5th reels will be completely covered with Wildcards and furthermore three middle positions (reels 2, 3 and 4) open spaces for Hot Spots.
Scatters take the form of Wildcards and obtain an additional function to stick to the reels they land activating one re-spin for appearing.
Three Wildcards in Hot Spots stop the bonus game and fetch the maximum prize.
Moreover, Wildcards bear their traditional function to substitute for all regular in-game symbols in order to create advanced combinations with neighbours.

Let’s gather the rules together. Say, you receive props for the bonus game and make it to the new set of reels with two of them lain by Wildcards. Middle Hot Spots become your personal lucky place because you need to land more Scatters or Wilds for another re-spin to be obtained. Meanwhile, Wildcards do the job on replacing symbols. In case Hot Spots are graced with the symbols, the latter stick to the reels and re-spin occurs. When no Wildcards climb onto the spots, the bonus game is triggered to a logical end and you carry away all bonus winnings from the action.

Rules and features

Joker Pro by NetEnt is a standard formation consisting of 3 rows, 5 reels and 10 paying lines fixed in their number. Wagers are distributed from exceptionally low to relatively mid – you can select any value within 100 credits where the minimum sum to be placed gets to 0.10. There are two factors which compile staking – bet level and coin value – both influencing payouts and paytable values. Coin value is a basic representation of denomination, and all winning will be multiplied by this number. For instance, when you play on a 1:1 value, winnings appear in their original sum while 0.10 denomination decreases payouts by 0.10 multiplication. Bet level is a factor carrying an additional multiplication function to all paytable values – there are ten level and the number of level is engaged in multiplying. Your task as a player to form combinations of symbols so that they stand in a common payline in the package of three or more. When there are multiple combinations, each is paid according to the paytable simultaneously.

Joker Pro Re-Spins is an additional bonus feature embedded into the gameplay triggered by a Scatter symbol (a joker hat picture). The middle reel position becomes the main place of action which can house all bonus icons activating re-spins. The maximum sum to be won during bonus rounds is x1000 to your bet that is 100’000 credits considering the maximum wager of 100 credits. The paytable is empowered with six in-game symbols. You can take at look at bet level 1 values right here:






























100% easy to understand and clear in its intentions, Joker Pro slot is a game comes double ways as on the first glance the machine comes across as another fruit-style gambling apparatus, but as soon as you get the taste of bonusing everything takes an unexpected turn of events. Undoubtedly, Net Entertainment headed in the right direction creating exciting titles contributing to old-fashioned machines where the main action is centered around spinning paired up with a dollop of additionality. Joker Pro allows to chase jackpots, participate in a unique bonus game, enjoy the great atmosphere of the 80’s and witness classic designing in the modernistic interpretation.

Just as expected, Joker Pro provides the nostalgic memories of the above-mentioned era without being too simplistic. One disappointing moment about the machine is that the base game sort of lacks additional bonus vibes and it all is narrowed down to rudimentary spinning without nothing exceptional about the process. On the other hand, bonus rounds come into view to change your initial impression of Joker Pro, so seeing a Wild-powered grid is a must do thing for NetEnt fans. Maybe the game could have been much better, but it is as it is, and speaking honestly, an old-time devotee shouldn’t bring a wide range of extra perks. You can always find Joker Pro in NetEnt’s powered casinos.